What Makes a Good Family Lawyer? 

 April 4, 2022

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Family lawyers handle cases ranging from divorce to child custody, property matters, estate establishment, financial settlement, wills, etc. Still, it’s really hard to find the right family lawyer for your specific case. This can be a challenging process and somewhat really stressful when it comes to choosing a good family lawyer.

However, if you know exactly what things make a family lawyer great, the selection process will be much easier for you. And with that in mind, we’ve come up with this guide for you. So, if you want to know what makes a good family lawyer, just dive into this guide. 

What Makes a Good Family Lawyer?

A couple in front of their lawyer

If you are looking for a family lawyer, you first need to know what qualities should exist in a good and reputable family lawyer. This way, you can easily sort out the most suitable one for you from all the potential candidates. 

So, let’s see what makes a good family lawyer.

1. Experience

It goes without saying that experience matters the most, no matter what type of service you need. And when it comes to choosing a family lawyer, the more experienced they will be, the better for your case as they need to handle really sensitive and personal issues. 

So, if you wish to hire family law solicitors in Dublin, you need to focus on their years of experience. A lawyer with years of experience in family law has the best understanding of managing cases in any circumstances. 

2. Integrity

Integrity is one of the most necessary parts of a family lawyer. They must behave genuinely and honestly with you about the case’s strengths and weaknesses. 

In fact, they need to be able to consider both sides of your case as well as your spouse. This will allow the lawyer to evaluate the case deeply and recommend the best course of action for you in each situation. 

3. Analytical and Sound Research Skills

The study of law and practice involves absorbing a lot of information, which the lawyer needs to put into something logical. Many cases often have multiple logical conclusions or instances that can be applied to resolve a single situation. In this situation, your lawyer must have assessment or analytical skills to choose the most suitable aspect that will be favorable for your case.

In this same way, a lawyer should be capable of conducting quick and effective research. It helps them to understand your needs and develop legal strategies effectively. They need to absorb and understand large quantities of information to prepare legal strategies and then categorize those strategies into something manageable and useful.

4. Professionalism, Patience, And Objectivity

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In family law, facing uncomfortable disputes between the parties and the emotional outbursts of clients are common things. Therefore, a family lawyer must have the professionalism to handle such situations with patience and skills. Instead of judging clients, they need to try to understand their situation and help them to stay calm even if the situation gets heated. 

Again, there should be a perfect balance between empathy and detachment from the emotional states of a good lawyer. Being empathetic, they have to put aside their personal feelings and emotions. This way, they can ensure achieving a positive outcome for their client.  

5. Track Record

You need to find a family lawyer who has a high percentage of success rate and satisfactory reviews, especially in cases like yours. This is one of the most important aspects of handling your case and advocating for you effectively. 

6. Accessibility or Availability

If you are new to the world of family law, then naturally, you will have a lot of questions to ask throughout the whole process. In that case, a good lawyer will make themselves available or have the time to answer all your inquiries as soon as possible and accurately. 

Even if you need to schedule an additional meeting or consultation for any further development of your case, they should be accessible. Therefore, while interviewing, you must ask about the work hours and response time. In this way, you can set your expectations in accordance.

7. Focus and Committed

According to Peter F Drucker, “unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

That means a good lawyer is someone who has a vision, knows what they want, and is fully focused and committed to achieving their vision. Every successful lawyer consistently works to master the underlying skills needed to deliver exceptional client value. This way, they can internalize the value of the service and communicate this value to you. 

8. Effective Listener and Communication Skill

Man and a woman in front of silver laptop

Your lawyer should be a top-notch communicator and have to be an effective listener. Family law cases include a lot of details; thus, the lawyer should have the patience to listen to your entire history to understand and evaluate the entire circumstances. 

Throughout the case, the lawyer needs to communicate with various parties. Apart from that, they can make a persuasive argument and advocate for you effectively with good communication skills. It also makes sure that if anything comes up in your case, your lawyer will be able to handle it. 

9. Client-Centric Practice

For growing a successful practice, every lawyer needs to create and maintain a client-centered practice. To ensure this, the lawyer must provide clients with superior service and value. This means your lawyer should know your interest, needs, and goals, and then they should deliver their service according to that. 

10. Strong Negotiation Skill

A good family lawyer must have Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training. It is an advanced negotiation tool that is usually used in child custody and property settlement disputes. This implies that a good lawyer should be a master at managing compromises that will satisfy both parties rather instead of trying to ‘defeat’ the opposition.

So, every lawyer has to be excellent at negotiating, and this is an important trait of theirs. Your lawyer should be able to persuade the other party’s lawyer through negotiation to resolve issues without any trial. This will make the case easier and less expensive for you. 

11. Ability To Work With Any Aged People

A family lawyer also needs to work with every aged person, even children. Therefore, a good lawyer should be able to understand and handle different people, their emotions, thinking, and seek to work for their welfare.   

12. Compassionate And Friendly

A big factor about family law is that you have to share all your personal and family matters with the lawyer. In that case, you need to be assured that you are working with the right person with whom you are comfortable enough to share your personal matters. 

However, compassion and friendliness are the two characteristics that a good lawyer should have. They will make you comfortable and take time to listen to all your issues and advise you with the best options in a friendly manner. 

In fact, they will be humble enough to make you understand various legal matters related to your case. So, choose somebody to whom you can talk wholeheartedly, without any hesitation, and who is willing to help you out. 

Final Thoughts

In today’s modern world, divorce rates are rising at an alarming rate. Additionally, infidelity, addiction, extramarital affairs, child custody cases, domestic violence, property disputes, and so many family issues are also rising. 

So, naturally, family lawyers come in all different shapes, and every client has their own issues. Having said that, It is essential to have some key qualities in your lawyer which will make the perfect for your case and help you in this delicate and emotionally stressful legal situation. 

We hope, now you know what makes a good family lawyer from this guide. So, start conducting a self-assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your lawyer and choose the right one.

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