Prevent Break-Ins: Ways to Secure Exterior and Interior of Home 

 April 12, 2022

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Break-ins are one of the common dangers to your home. The problem rate increases during summer when people take long vacations. Or if you keep your windows and doors open for a long time without scrutiny, chances are there is some burglar lurking behind the bushes to barge into your home.

Burglary and break-ins are life-threatening situations. You may lose your valuables and you will put your life in danger when there’s a burglar who doesn’t hesitate to harm.

Having a home security system resolves the problem most of the time. Read here the benefits of installing security cameras in your home and how they help you to be alert in case of danger. However, having a security system doesn’t mean that your home won’t be a target to burglars. It’s still at the risk and you have to make sure that you’re giving 100% protection.

Here, we tell you the working methods to secure your home from both exterior and interior and how you will have complete protection around your home. You can happily go on vacation knowing that your home is secured and will be the same as when you left it.

  • Think like a thief and take a walk around your home

The way you and the burglar think are different. The burglar’s mind is more cunning and able to see the entryways which normal people won’t see. So take a walk around your home and find such ways where a burglar can enter your home. Whether it’s the hidden ceiling tile or an underground passage, block all the entryways to your home. It’s one of the best ways to protect your home from the exterior.

  • Trim your shrubs and don’t keep any hiding spots

Don’t give an opportunity for burglar or thief to hide around the home. Shrubs that seem bushy are the perfect hiding spot during night times. So, take time during your weekends and trim the extra leaves and branches. Don’t leave any hidden spots for thieves that they use to hide or lay a trap to capture you.

  • More the lights, less the burglar intrusion

Lights not only elevate your home’s beauty but also keeps burglars out of your home zone. More the lights around your home, more the visibility. If you’re not at your home, at least some neighbour can spot the activity of the burglar and can notify you or the police. Also, whenever you feel something suspicious going on around your home, you can immediately turn on the lights spooking the thief and thus cancelling the entry plans of the thief.

  • CCTV and video surveillance

CCTV and video surveillance

CCTV and video surveillance

One of the best ways to prevent home break-ins is by installing CCTV cameras and surveying through the video it records through your mobile. You can immediately spot the break-in and can call the police successfully prevent and capture the culprit. It’s also useful when you go out on a vacation.

  • Always lock your door and windows

The above points are to protect your home from the exterior. If you want complete protection from the inside, then make sure you always lock your doors and windows. If you’re inside alone or going out for a long time, it’s wise to keep your doors shut. Because the unexpected activity can happen at any moment when you’re not alert.

  • Have a safe locker

Do you always have valuables at home like cash, jewellery, property documents, and other important things? Then get a safe locker.

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There are various lockers available in the market that come with digital encryption, fingerprint lock, and also retina lock. It ensures that your valuables are safe even if there’s a burglar break-in. As the body of safe lockers is made with strong material, it’s highly difficult to access the items inside.

  • Install door and Window Sensors

Install door and window sensors

Install door and window sensors

Even though you shut the doors and windows, chances are burglars can break the glass and enter inside. You may or may not detect the intrusion, especially if you’re not at home. So, it’s best to install door and window sensors that detect any unusual motion and inform you on your mobile. Or you can connect an alarm so that it blazes the high sound whenever any thief enters your home.

  • Double-check the entry points of your home

Whether you’re alone at home or went on a vacation, always double-check the entry points to your home. For extra safety, make sure to get the deadbolts to lock the main entrance and your backyard door. Even if you do all these, there’s no guarantee that a burglar will not find a way into your home. However, it makes the process very difficult which buys you enough time to take appropriate action.

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Home is your safe haven where you have to feel secure, confident, and safe. To get the feeling, all you have to do is make sure that you’re protected both from the exterior and interior. The above points will ensure that you have overall security for your home. So, plan your next vacation with a worry-free mind.

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