[Infographic] Growing Your Practice In The New Normal 

 December 17, 2021

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Old paradigm simply doesn’t work anymore in the new world (not in the time of writing, at least). Healthcare practices are the first to tell you that things are rapidly changing in the way business is being done and handled. This especially goes for the new practices striving to expand and grow in this setting. 

To put things in numerals, a recent survey done across the 5 regions of the US and with over 2,000 correspondents will tell you the same – as high as 69% of the correspondents had to postpone their healthcare services, and a staggering 82% struggled with making healthcare appointments!

Below is an infographic showing even more insight into disruptions this recent pandemic has made in a daily life of a healthcare practice. On a positive note, healthcare staff and management have a great opportunity to adapt and overcome these challenges, and even grow as a result. 

The opportunity to grow can come in many ways – from updating booking procedures to following and being in line with the trends. Your patients are still your number one priority, and going with their changing preferences and lifestyle choices is the best bet for the success of your practice tomorrow! 

[Infographic] Growing Your Practice In The New Normal

Infographic created by Deputy.com

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