How To Improve Negotiation Skills 

 April 1, 2022

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According to Cosmitto, here are the tips on how to improve negotiation skills:

1. Make sure you practice and improve your negotiations skills. That is the main thing you need to know and consider.

2. Always consider the other side when it comes to communicating, it is not always about you; make sure that you consider the other side because negotiation is not about you only, it should be both sides agreeing to one thing, and you need to make sure that you know that and consider their feelings, emotions, decisions and also their insights, if you think they do not agree with what you are presenting or telling, don’t be mad, ask them the reason and tell them that you will think of other ways and give you time. And if they are the ones giving opinions or decisions you think are not suitable for your side, be honest and tell them that you are not into it so that they can have time to change it. If you are not interested, be true to yourself and tell them right away so that it can be changed and fixed ahead of time and if you are also done with your insights with something, tell them to be honest so that you will not encounter any problems afterwards.

3. Determine the deal points for both sides; because negotiations are for two sides, make sure that you will gain from the decision you will make, and they will also gain. It should be a win-win situation so that both sides are happy and satisfied with what should be happening.

4. Make sure that you make a plan ahead of time. Before you talk to your negotiator, make sure that you take notes ahead of time. What are the things you need to say, what should not be told, what are their weaknesses, what are their strengths, what are the things that will make them give a go to what you are presenting? So that when you are in the meeting, you will not end up losing the chance, and it will be easy for you and them.

5. Compare your leverage to their leverage. Make sure that both of you will gain.

6. In negotiating, make sure you know how to communicate well and know how to set the best tone of voice when you are negotiating because the tone of voice might affect the whole conversation. If your tone is terrible, they will think of it as unfavorable and will not give a go to what you are presenting. Make sure that you know how to take negative comments and go with the flow. 

7. Make sure that you gain the respect you need. If you see them seeing you as trash or disagree with you even if you are presenting the best or shouting, getting mad, and considering you as an enemy, do not hesitate to leave the meeting and not lose your time. It is not about begging to win them but for the both of you winning so if the treatment is not good. You can leave the meeting.

Cosmitto is offering negotiation skills training courses that can help you improve.

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