Commercial Kitchen Design for the Workplace in 2022 

 April 1, 2022

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Modern kitchen with white painted wall

A kitchen is an essential part of every business, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, office, or factory.  

It is therefore vital to keep things as lively and imaginative as possible. 

Doing so will spread the same energy to your workers and clients. This can even be more critical if your restaurant or office has an open kitchen. 

Some restaurants and offices have a mundane and uninspiring kitchen. Such dull kitchen vibes can negatively affect your workers and ruin your client’s experience. 

Let’s discuss some creative ideas to spruce up your commercial kitchen design. 

1. Display Your Unique Collection

Commercial kitchens pride themselves on collecting specific kitchen items. Ensure you create a designated storage space for your unique collection. Instead of storing them in the cabinets, displaying them is a great way to showcase them.

Above your cabinets can be great to display your unique serveware collection. When guests enter the kitchen, the attention will be upward towards your kitchen treasures. Cheeseboards, bamboo trays, vases, and books are perfect for adorning the tops of cabinets. 

These treasures will stand out in their own right. You can also fill the vacuums with a succession of pitchers with fake flowers. 

Ensure that the artifacts are large enough to attract attention from a distance. Large cheese boards could be ideal instead of a collection of salt and pepper shakers. What an excellent way of drawing attention to your kitchen?

2. All White

White built in cabinet in the the kitchen

All white interior has magic it does to a room. Besides making a room feel more extensive, you can pair it with different pieces. 

The same applies to a white kitchen. Imagine this ambiance being brought to your commercial kitchen.

You can have a white cabinet, walls, and backsplash. This will provide an ideal backdrop for contrasting elements. You can buy cheese boards, mix them with black furnishings, and butcher block countertops to complement your walls. 

When you incorporate various materials and subtle patterns, it can create a visual depth. All-white commercial kitchen design brings beauty to your space and promotes hygiene.  

3. Get Rid of Clutter

It is so easy for countertops to accommodate clutter. And this has a downside effect as it makes a space appear smaller. 

Clutter for commercial kitchens is unhygienic and can slow down the working process of employees. 

Encourage your employees to set a routine once a month to eliminate unused plastic containers and mismatched dinnerware. 

Also, clean up your produce storage space. Look for a convenient covered fruit bowl to keep onions and garlic separate. This will help them away from odor-absorbing fruit and their papery skins off the counter. 

You can display your unique serveware to improve its aesthetics to make your kitchen outstanding. For instance, showcase your large wooden serveware, breakfast trays, and challah boards. Besides, a hanging fruit basket would provide visual interest for those odds and ends. 

This can be a DIY project if you have the installation expertise. And you will experience the elegance it brings to your commercial kitchen. 

4. Find Areas for Valuable Items

You are bound to run out of storage room regardless of your kitchen size or available storage. Infact commercial kitchens usually have many kitchen equipment but with limited storage. 

Your extra wooden serving board may not have enough storage space. Or it could be the vintage epoxy resin serveware can’t fit in the cupboard or counter. 

You can use it if you have enough space above your kitchen cabinets. Displaying extra and unique kitchen items is creative and adds interest to your commercial kitchen. These items could include cake stands, platters mixed with a few other decorative pieces.

You can decide to stick to a single color palette for a more refined appearance. 

5. Make a Garden Indoors

Indoor plants near the glass door

Having an indoor garden in your commercial kitchen sounds like an excellent idea. If you have extra space in your kitchen, you can grow an indoor garden. You can set up the area above cabinets or where the plants can receive sun for 6 hours daily.

An indoor kitchen can help you grow various herbs that you can use daily. It gives you quick access to organic plants when you’re almost running out of stock. When you set them above the cabinets, you will need to go up and water the plants once or twice a week. 

And also, ensure the plants you buy need very minimal sunlight. Once the low-light plants tucked over the cupboards start to grow, you’ll notice a natural and bright feel in your kitchen. 

Combine this style and unique serveware to maintain a clean and contemporary look. 

6. Make a Creative Island

An island is the centerpiece of every kitchen. You should ensure it looks special and unique.

If your commercial kitchen has vast counter space, you can install a small island in your kitchen. A kitchen island is practical when hosting an intimate group for dinner. They can have a chef’s meal and conversation about meals or anything in particular. 

This allows your guests to learn what it takes to make certain dishes. Ensure you design it to match your cabinets or design it in its unique way. This creates a visual impression for your guests, and who knows, you can get several referrals because of a kitchen island. 

Ensure you use a bright base color to complement the rest of your kitchen. Besides, the island can have open shelves to add extra storage in your kitchen. 

Open shelving on the island provides ease when accessing items in the kitchen. You can spruce up the empty shelves by displaying your challah boards or resin coasters.

7. Patterened Floor

Having patterns on the floor provides a sense of a more incredible expanse. Although most times, people always ignore its high-impact design element in the kitchen. 

Chevron, rustic wooden floor, or hand-painted cement tile provides an artistic feel. You can go bold with a patterned floor if your commercial kitchen has a tiny footprint. 

This route allows your kitchen to shine. You can leave the rest of your kitchen finishes clean and straightforward. Install vinyl peel or stick tile. Or you can leverage the variety of porcelain or cement. 

A patterned floor is an excellent way of turning your tiny commercial space into an elegant and beautiful space. 

8. Use a Mirrored Backsplash

Mirrors in the kitchen can be an excellent replacement when there is minimal or no light. If you’re looking to have more natural light around the kitchen, you can leverage backsplash mirrors. 

They can easily open up the room and bounce lights around. You don’t necessarily need mirrors on your backsplash but antique mirror tiles. This can work better instead of the regular backsplash tile. 

Apart from enhancing your commercial kitchen, it uniquely reflects your servewares. You can place your resin charcuterie boards opposite your backsplash. This will give an elegant reflection of your wooden boards, providing creative designs. 

9. Organize Your Kitchen Storage

Glass jars in the kitchen for food storage

Working in an organized room kitchen is vital in any tiny space. And this is true when it comes to a commercial kitchen. You don’t want to mix kitchen stuff because of disorganization. 

But with limited space, you can’t misuse it. This includes hidden areas in your cupboards. 

You can stock up on extra shelves, risers, or lid organizers. They can help you organize your outdoor trays, wooden servewares, pots, pans, and spices. 

Being organized maximizes your kitchen storage and enhances your kitchen look. Besides, it improves the hygiene levels of commercial kitchens. 

Key Take Away

These creative ideas are ideal for any type of kitchen. You can use them in a commercial kitchen or even residential kitchens. 

If you have unique and modern serveware, some of these ideas allow you to display them. 

Take advantage of these ideas and show off the beautiful designs of your serveware. It is not only creative but also enhances your commercial kitchen spaces. Take beautiful pictures for the gram with these gorgeous ideas to attract more clients to your space.

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