6 Ways to Create a Culture of Customer Service 

 December 27, 2018

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customer service

Customer service is one of the main pillars
of a good business. Offering good customer service is not as easy as it sounds
because of the fact that it works kind of like a machine in that it will only
function properly if all of the intricate cogs and parts move as one. Hence, if
you want your company to start offering good customer service you should look
into creating a culture of customer service within the company. Here is how you
can do that.

#1 Hire the Right People

It is impossible to build a customer
service culture with individuals that are not already dedicated to the field of
customer service in every way possible. If you start your company with a hiring
process that would weed out demotivated individuals, you will be able to rest
assured that the company you are building will be more inclined toward a
customer oriented approach from the ground up. It can be difficult to make sure
that everyone is customer service oriented, but at the very least what you can
do is try to make sure that the people in leadership positions will be of this

#2 Start With the Basics

Training is an essential part of
inculcating a culture of customer service into your company. One mistake that a
lot of people make with this particular aspect of the inculcation process is
that they try to get too specialized from the get go. While specialized
information is certainly going to be useful in the future, the basics are what
will truly help you achieve your goal of developing a culture of customer
service in your company. The great thing about basic training is that it
teaches your CSRs to take the next steps on their own.

#3 Make the Job Easy

Being a customer service representative (CSR)
is never going to be easy. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of
roadblocks that would prevent your CSRs from feeling comfortable and at ease in
the workplace, the customers being the biggest problem that people are going to
have to face. If you use a ticket
management system such as the one offered by Kayako, you will find that the
job will become a lot easier for your CSRs to perform. This will make customer
service orientation a less hostile proposition for your CSRs.

#4 Give CSRs Autonomy

A lot of people tend to micromanage when it
comes to a lot of different aspects of their company. This is never a good
thing, but this is particularly true for things like customer service. The fact
of the matter is that in the field of customer service, time is money. The
longer it takes for a customer to get what they want the less likely it will be
that they are going to end up satisfied with the service you have provided. If
your CSRs have the autonomy to make the right decision, they will be able to
resolve things a lot quicker. The key is to train them to make the right
decision without needing you to hold their hand.

#5 Create a Brand of Customer Service

Customer service is often a vague term. It
can mean anything to anyone, so it is important that you get all of your CSRs
as well as the various other people on your team on the same page. Create a
singular vision that everyone has to follow, a brand of sorts that would allow
the people that are on your team to get a sense of how they need to behave. Employees
can often be very loyal to a company as long as it is good to them, so if you
create the kind of singular vision for your team members here it will give them
the motivation to stay committed to the task at hand and better understand how
they can use the aforementioned autonomy that you have given them to ensure
that all of your customers are given the kind of customer service that they

#6 Become a Role Model

You can’t reasonably expect your employees to give the job their all unless you are willing to do the same. If you inculcate a culture of customer satisfaction and service into your own behavior, you can rest assured that your employees are definitely going to end up doing the same as well. You need to lead by example because this is about more than just making your employees work harder. The goal here is to develop a specific kind of culture within a company, a specific kind of mindset. The fact of the matter is that it requires out of the box thinking if you truly want it to work out for you.

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